Since I started my journey on photography creation, I have not been able to separate photography from my personal evolution as human being. In a moment of profound research of my own darkness, I found out the need to express what had been invisible, what affects my being but it’s not visible at first sight.

What I present here becomes a mirror of my inner quest, a reflection of the other side of the Moon in the City. During my night wanderings, I look for places devoted to the public, that once closed, change their appearance; with no people to serve they lost their meaning; they lost their known identity in order to emerge with an unrecognizable character.










The city as a place for encounters, exchanges, socialization, global activity, surrenders to the vacuum and shows us another personality, an overwhelming face that surpasses the darkness, hiding apparent dangers.


From this disturbing atmosphere, I isolate dreamlike visions, the city that dreams itself shows what cannot be seen at a simple glance, the unknown, a face full of absence and nostalgia, where what previously was invisible becomes visible.