Coming back home is to go back inside that part of us we had left behind, waiting.


As letter-by-letter we give birth to words and speeches, feeling familiar people and things again for a moment re-establishes a link between the past and the present. The daily sequence of events we had left to follow another path, seems to come back to life over and over again. The abandoned rituals are reborn, dusted off and taken out of the drawer of my personal history, they start running again in the present. It is an illusion made of emotions and expectations that turn into melancholy as the days go by. It’s a melancholic feeling full of awareness that something has broken, that my past goes on its natural path, but my present walks towards a different direction.


To create images of “my people”, “my places” and my return is like documenting and rediscovering parts of myself. As if each photograph already resided inside my body and my mind, I review my personal history, my sense of belonging, and I give it the right importance.


With this project I want to create a graphic memory of a “lived” past, of a present that makes me feel like a stranger at home, of time that goes and leaves its signs in all of us. I want to always have a diary with me made of images-footprints of those feelings that make my returns both bitter and sweet.