The Project “From the Street Corners” was born to merge the architecture of Oaxaca city downtown with the pinhole camera’s characteristics to capture a specific kind of image. The camera I am using for this project (self-made) has a panoramic vision of 120º. Almost every pic was shot from one street corner to the opposite one, in a diagonal line, getting an image like human eyesight.  Having the opposite street corner in the middle as focus and central vision and a peripheral sight settled, through a linear- renaissance  perspective, all the way to infinite streets with lateral walls that fall out the picture. The long exposure time creates spectral shapes, slight witnesses of the pace of people, cars, trucks, identical to other thousand scenes in every other city. Sometimes a vision of a lonely city, with no tracks of life, a city that lives by itself, by it stones, by its history. 


There are also two cities: the northern one, neat and clean, with no traffic, almost aseptic and cold; the southern one, chaotic, dirty, messy, sloppy, almost anarchic but full of life. Street corners as axis of crossroads. Different roads that force us to choose one way or another. Crossroads that symbolize choices we made in life before an uncertain future, leaving behind a kind of life we may never get to know… what if…?




The ultimate intention of this project is to create a photography document gather in a gelatin silver file, with images of all the corner streets that define Oaxaca’s downtown and that draw the crossroads and establish the geometry of the city